Spartan srl is a company founded in 2005, to be technical partner in providing specialized equipment and systems for the environment and the oil&gas and maritime industry. We have a background in environmental response on-shore and off-shore, we have gained expertise in technology and advanced monitoring systems, detection and control, applied to environment prevention of ecological damage for coastal and industrial sites.

Today we make tailored strategic support solutions for field operations with Shared Command, Control & Communication Systems.
Our solutions allow our Clients to optimize resources, plan activities, trace information flow from fixed or mobile devices, increase awareness and safety of the personnel, reduce operating and administrative costs, share information.


Today’s technology and sophisticated equipment are essential to work in complex industry where troubles are around the corner.


During research operations or to prevent dangerous situations and especially in routine activities, it does not matter if it’s water, ground or ice, whether it’s very hot or very cold, today it’s possible to amplify awareness, knowledge and space perception around us. You need to reduce costs and risks in the short and long period increasing the quality level of your performances. To implement, integrate, calculate, automate the operative information flow to have them available in your organization according to your needs and priority, using an unique decision support system. That improves the quality of added-value and the market opportunities, reduces costs, safeguards human and technical resources, improves our Clients’ company brand. This is our target.


To provide a unique integrated system made up of advanced devices, reliable technology and communication networks to support the decision process and our Clients’ value chain.


Allow the monitoring of the available resources.
Assess events in real time and gather also external information with a unique tool to support strategic decisions so to plan and manage real events or virtual exercises, supervise, protect, assess and improve resources safety, acquire data from remote or spot, share information, automate command chain process, create automatic documents and report for a single work or for complex activities. It does not matter if you have a small or a large organization, you always need to manage your resources to the best to face your challenges. You need to acquire and manage field work information to create and customize your strategies, you need to analyze what happened on the field to improve your next performances.


To become the main partner in the growth of our Client to create an integrated high competence network with shared standards achievable by customer-centric solutions.

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